Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Dispute Management with Lenders, Investors, Regulatory Entities and Others

It is usual for companies and promoters to encounter legal disputes at some point in time. Many possible legal disputes could arise between other businesses, lenders, investors, regulatory entities, groups or individuals. Based on the specifics of the litigation, legal intervention may be required to represent clients throughout any litigation, arbitration, and mediation proceedings.

A primary goal of our litigation resolution service is to resolve disputes in a manner that causes minimal disruption to the business. Depending on the unique nature of the situation, we will explore the full spectrum of legal options available and then advise clients on the best suited strategy to meet their goals

Our services
  • Corporate Disputes and Arbitrations
  • Partnerships & Shareholders disputes
  • Mediation of Commercial Disputes
  • Patent & Copyright disputes
  • Civil Suits
  • Enforcement Directorate
  • SFIO and White Collar Crimes