Business Advisory & Strategic Planning
We work as a direct extension of your leadership team. We are not typical consultants; we are entrepreneurs, operators, coaches, mentors, and problem solvers.

Our Business Advisory Services are structured to address a company’s end-to-end business needs. We provide comprehensive services to support your business by leveraging strategy to drive people, process, information and technology considerations. 

CEOs and business leaders of growing companies frequently face challenges associated with growth, capital needs and succession planning. Our strategic advisory team have proven experience in promoting and driving successful businesses and have handled multiple capital raises and successful succession planning including mergers and acquisitions.

This hands-on experience enables us to provide expertise across all stages in our client’s growth.

We closely work with clients to increase shareholder value, provide growth strategies, maximize cash flow and liquidity and address opportunities for acquisition, sale and succession planning. We provide executive-level guidance to align and integrate your people, processes and technology across the organization. We assist in developing strategic objectives that help improve profitability and long-term value.

Our broad areas of business advisory service include

Market penetration and revenue generation

We assist in revenue generation by leveraging market access and relationships. We strategize to deepen existing sales channel and build relationships in new geographies.

Our domain expertise in Infrastructure projects include water & waste water, power etc.

Expansion and Growth advisory

We closely work with the management to build a long-term business plan drilled down to specific milestones and enabling an information system to periodically monitor the plan. We analyse optimal strategies for new product / new Geography expansion and implement strategies to effectively increase quality revenue (higher profitability and better cash flow)

Business health assessment & Business transformation

We identify structural and process weakness in the business and enable a measure and metric approach to business management thereby facilitating growth, optimising performance and maximising profits.

Risk Mitigation study

We develop internal controls and enable risk management strategies to mitigate potential financial and operational risks.

Capital and Financing Assessment

We analyse the optimal capital structure suited for the business and offer advice on timing the market to raise money based on criticality of the funds for enabling growth and market conditions.

Enable Digital transformation

We align with your technology partner to design the information flow structure and enable effective digital transformation.